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Julia Fox Weight Loss Secrets Revealed: Why She Would Never Do What Kanye West Did

Julia Fox recently made headlines about her weight loss journey which led to lots of rumors surrounding her use of Ozempic, a drug that helps manage blood sugar levels and can lead to significant weight loss.

In this blog, we will take a look at Julia Fox weight loss journey and why she denied using Ozempic for weight loss. We will also explore the rise in demand for Ozempic for weight loss in Hollywood and its impact on people with diabetes.

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Julia’s response hammers home the fact that this drug is an essential need for people with type 2 diabetes who are struggling to manage their blood sugar levels.

Finally, we will also cover how Julia took on her critics regarding her apartment tour and addressed her mouse problem.

So let’s dive in and take a closer look at this Hollywood star’s views on body image and weight loss.

Julia Fox Responds To Rumors on the Drug Ozempic

Julia Fox has denied using a weight-loss drug called Ozempic to lose weight.

Page six | Celebrity Gossip reported in a TikTok video that Fox had blasted rumors about using Ozempic for weight-loss on her podcast, Forbidden Fruits.

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Julia Fox had claimed to have lost 15 pounds when dating Kanye West but not due to any medication or dieting.

While Fox has addressed her weight loss publicly before, she denies using medication for it. Though rumors regarding Julia’s weight loss may be interesting, Julia’s statements on the same need to be respected.

What is Ozempic?

Ozempic is a brand name for semaglutide- an injectable medication used by people with Type 2 diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels.

It has also been observed that the drug can result in weight loss. Julia Fox has denied taking the medication for weight loss; however, Ozempicis known to have side effects besides weight loss.

Eric Andre, a comedian, has also stated that he was afraid to use it.

Though it’s not clear if Ozempic tablets will result in weight loss and for how long till they take to show the effect, Ozempic injections are a once-a-week solution to manage blood sugar levels for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes.

Comedian Heather McDonald Talks on Ozempic for Weight Loss in Hollywood.

Late last year, comedian Heather McDonald spoke out about the increasing amount of Ozempic use for weight loss in Hollywood.

Comedian Heather McDonald fractured her skull when she collapsed onstage over the weekend in Arizona.
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Ozempic is an injection used to treat diabetes. However, many individuals in the entertainment industry are reportedly using it as a weight-loss tool.

As obesity rates continue to rise in America, Ozempic is one of the solutions used by many to manage the issue.

However, Julia Fox has stated she didn’t take medication like Ozempic to lose weight while dating Kanye West.

Reports suggest that the surge in usage of Ozempic for weight loss has led to Ozempic shortages, which impacts diabetics who require the medication.

In conclusion, Ozempic should only be used by diabetics who need it for medical purposes, and personal weight loss should be achieved through a healthy lifestyle, consistent exercise, and dieting.

Which Celebrities Used Ozempic for Weight Loss?

The use of Ozempic for weight loss has sparked rumors about whether celebrities have been using this medication for this purpose.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel caused a stir when he made a joke about it in his Oscars monologue.

Following the Oscars, actor Jameela Jamil accused some celebrities of using “weight loss injections” in an Instagram post. Julia Fox, who lost a significant amount of weight while dating Kanye West, denied using Ozempic for weight loss.

While the medication has been approved to treat type 2 diabetes, a few doctors prescribe it as an off-label drug for weight loss because of its ability to suppress appetite.

However, it is important to note that this medication is not approved for weight loss, and its usage should be closely monitored by a physician.

Some famous faces, like Remi Bader and Elon Musk, have openly admitted to using the drug.

Meanwhile, others like Khloé Kardashian have firmly denied having ever taken the medication for weight loss.

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The use of diabetes medication Ozempic for weight loss has become a popular topic in Hollywood.

While some celebrities have publicly admitted to using the drug, such as Remi Bader and Elon Musk, others like Khloé Kardashian have firmly denied it.

Comedian Eric Andre has also denied using the medication, citing his concerns about potential side effects.

Ozempic has even been joked about in Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars monologue, while Jameela Jamil has accused some A-listers of using “weight loss injections”.

Julia Fox, on the other hand, has revealed her natural weight loss secrets which do not involve such medications, and she refused to do what Kanye West did.

How Julia Fox Lost Her Weight?

Julia Fox, the rising star actress, has been the center of speculation regarding her weight loss after revealing in an exclusive interview with the New York Times that she lost 15 pounds during her month-long relationship with Kanye West.

However, she denied rumors that she used the weight loss drug, Ozempic, during her time with West.

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Fox has also opened up about her diagnosis with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

She emphasized that the demanding relationship with West was ultimately unsustainable and that she needs to put herself first.

Despite the buzz surrounding her personal life, Fox remains focused on her career and serves as an inspiration to her fans for confidence and self-worth.

Julia, who suggested that she found her and Kanye’s whirlwind romance to be pretty stressful, told the New York Times last March that she lost weight in the month that they publicly dated.

Julia Fox, who experienced a ‘spark’ during her whirlwind romance with Kanye West, revealed that she lost 15 pounds in the month that they were publicly dating.

Julia further admitted that she also experienced a rapid weight loss after having a child.

Although she and Kanye had an “instant connection,” the relationship was not “traditional,” and Julia found it to be “pretty stressful,” which made her lose weight even more rapidly.

However, Julia made it clear that she would never do what Kanye did, hinting at his recent divorce.

Did Julia Fox Take Ozempic for Weight Loss?

Julia Fox has been subject to rumors and speculations about her weight loss journey, with some attributing it to the weight-loss drug Ozempic.

However, Fox has firmly denied these rumors on her podcast, Forbidden Fruits, and on TikTok. She clarified that her weight loss was not due to any medication or dieting.

Instead, she revealed that she lost 15 pounds while in a high-profile relationship with Kanye West. She also made it clear that she did not lose weight to fit into sample sizes.

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Despite the rumors, Fox has maintained that her weight loss was the result of healthy lifestyle choices and exercise.

Shutting down the speculation during a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Julia began, “All these people are coming for me saying that I take the weight loss things… people are saying that I’m taking Ozempic or whatever it’s called.”

Julia Fox has recently addressed rumors that she had used the drug Ozempic for weight loss in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

She denied taking the drug, claiming that she has not and has never used it. Other celebrities, such as Khloé Kardashian and Jameela Jamil, have spoken out about their use of Ozempic for weight loss.

Julia clarified that she lost weight while dating Kanye West without the use of dieting or medication. In fact, she expressed her frustration with the unfounded rumors and even blasted them on a TikTok video posted by Pagesix | Celebrity Gossip.

Despite what may be believed, it seems that Julia has relied on healthy lifestyle changes, exercise and her own discipline to lose weight, rather than taking any shortcuts.

“I’m not and I never have… I would never do that,” she clarified.

When asked whether she had used Ozempic for weight loss, Julia Fox firmly denied the claim and clarified that she never had and never would do such a thing.

Although she did indeed lose 15 pounds while dating Kanye West, it was not due to dieting or medication.

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Instead, she revealed that she was going through a tough time emotionally after the arrest of her father and brother, and this contributed significantly to her weight loss.

Additionally, she admitted that only certain aspects of her relationship with Kanye West were real, and this likely also played a role in her weight loss journey.

Overall, Julia Fox emphasized that she prioritizes her health and well-being and would never resort to dangerous or unhealthy methods for weight loss.

Julia Fox Point Towards the People With Diabetes

Julia Fox has revealed why she would never do what Kanye West did to lose weight.

Julia spoke out against those who have misused Ozempic, a drug designed for diabetes patients.

In an interview, she mentioned that she would never take the medication because there are people with diabetes who genuinely need it.

Julia is not the only celebrity who has voiced her opinion on this issue, as other celebrities have suggested taking similar drugs to lose weight.

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She has previously revealed that her own weight loss came about while she was in a high-profile relationship with Kanye West.

Nevertheless, Julia’s actions have caught the attention of many people as she did not advocate using the medication solely for weight loss purposes.

“There are diabetics that need it,” she said.

Julia Fox has publicly denounced the rumors that she has taken the Ozempic weight loss drug.

This weight loss myth was exposed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, where she further shared that she would not take weight loss drugs given that diabetics require them.

However, she did discuss her use of cosmetic procedures in the interview.

Recently, Fox spoke positively of Emily Ratajkowski, who has been romantically linked to singer Harry Styles.

She referred to Emily as her ‘girl’ and publicly supported the budding romance.

Despite this, she remains consistent in her stance that diabetic individuals need the weight loss drugs, and she is against the momentous pressure to chase weight loss goals through drug use.

Julia Hits Back at Ongoing Criticism of Her Viral Apartment Tour

In the recent interview, Julia Fox stood up for herself against ongoing criticism of her viral New York City apartment tour, which she uploaded to TikTok earlier this year.

Julia Fox has been in a long-standing feud with Kanye West, who criticized her tour in an interview with GQ.

Julia has also been critical of Kanye’s weight loss methods in the past. In her interview, Julia Fox pushed back against the criticism and stood her ground, proving once again that she is not one to back down from a fight.

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Despite the controversy, Julia Fox remains focused on her weight loss journey and continues to inspire others with her story.

Julia, who called her apartment “underwhelming” at the time, was faced with tons of criticism about why she was living in such a small space when she could afford better — especially given that she candidly admitted she had a “small mouse problem.”

Julia Fox was faced with intense criticism after she revealed her New York City apartment that appeared to have a “small mouse problem.”

While some attacked her for living in such a small space despite having the resources for something better, Julia responded by saying that “everybody has mice here.”

Julia also revealed that she had used to have “fun catching them and releasing them” when she was younger.

In mid-2022, there were reports of Ozempic shortages in the US due to its use as a weight-loss drug.

However, Julia has openly shared her weight loss journey without relying on any particular drug or supplement.

Her approach has been hailed as more sustainable and ethical. Despite the criticism, Julia remains committed to her healthy lifestyle and is an inspiration to many.


In conclusion, Julia Fox is one of the many celebrities who have been whispered about using Ozempic for weight loss.

However, she has staunchly denied it, pointing out that the drug is used for treating diabetes and should not be used for weight loss purposes alone.

She has also clarified that the stress of the whirlwind romance with Kanye West led to her weight loss.

Additionally, she has hit back at criticism about her New York apartment, pointing to the commonality of mice in the city.

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